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Wholesale Fluids

antifreeze, oil, hydraulic fluid, lubricants

Do you have a farm or business that requires bulk quantities of oil, transmission fluid, hydraulic fluid, antifreeze, etc.? We have you covered! We buy a majority of our fluids directly from the manufacture by the truckload to eliminate as many middlemen as possible so that we can get fluids to you at the lowest price possible. If your business is located in McLennan or Hill counties contact us today to set up an account and get on our delivery route.

2024 Q2 Wholesale Pricing


Green 50/50

Green Full Strength

Orange 50/50

Orange Full Strength

Global 50/50

Global Full Strength

Red Heavy Duty 50/50

Red Heavy Duty Full Strength

Hydraulic Fluid-5 Gallon

SAE 20 All Purpose




Synthetic Blend Engine Oil


5 Quart

6 Gallon Box

55 Gallon Drum

Synthetic Engine Oil


5 Quart

6 Gallon Box

55 Gallon Drum

Diesel Engine Oil

15W40 Gallon

15W40 5 Gallon

15W40 55 Gallon Drum


General Purpose Grease 14 oz Tube

Red High Temp Grease 14 oz Tube

Wheel Bearing Grease 1 Pound Tub

Washer Fluid +32F Gallon

Washer Fluid 0F Gallon

DEF 2.5 Gallon

DEF 55 Gallon

Brake Cleaner 15 oz

Carburetor Cleaner 16.25 oz

PB Blaster All Purpose

PB Blaster Penetrating

Dex/Merc Transmission Quart

80W90 Gear Oil 5 Gallon

85W140 Gear Oil 5 Gallon













(Price varies by weight)


























Delivery to your location in McLennan or Hill Counties is included in pricing or pick up locally at our location in West. Please contact us to set up account and place an order.

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